Common Core Standards

Utilize State, Common Core and Next Generation

With the increased focus on state and Common Core standards, teachers and administrators are able to identify what their kids know relative to any given standard set. Mastery Manager maintains all state, Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Districts also have the flexibility to upload custom local standards and set cut scores based on district expectations.

Common Core Standards

Align Standards to Multiple Questions

One assessment question can be aligned to multiple learning standards and one learning standard can also be aligned to multiple questions. Aligning learning standards to individual elements of the rubric provides for in-depth analysis of student learning on performance-based assessments.

Common Core Standards

Create Assessments in Minutes

Quickly build formative assessments using over 59,900 questions fully aligned to specific state and Common Core State Standards in our Mastery Item Bank™ by Instructure. Standards aligned assessments can be created and shared with the click of a mouse.

Common Core Standards

Online Student Access to Standards-based Results

Give students ownership of learning standards assessment results, allowing students to set immediate and long-term goals. Students can track progress longitudinally across the Common Core or state standards to prepare for high-stakes assessments.

Common Core Standards

Quickly Build Rubrics

Performance-based rubrics can be created and aligned to state or Common Core learning standards at the district, building or individual user level. Teachers can then easily share them to help track progress in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

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